Solar Panel Cleaning Service


Solar panel cleaning is now a firmly established part of maintaining a solar panel array. If you own or maintain a commercial solar panel array, you will no doubt be interested in reaping the largest financial reward from your array and seeing your ROI as soon as possible.  Solar panel cleaning will help you to do just that.  Having dirty solar panels can severely dent your ROI time.  By having clean solar panels, more light hits the solar cells meaning more generation which in turn means more money, sooner.

We offer a complete solar panel cleaning service. In cases of bird dropping strikes, lichen growth, dust clouds due to building works or previously unnoticed dirt build up on solar panels, this is a useful part of our service which will see your solar panels instantly increase their output.

If you offer an O&M package to your clients, solar panel cleaning needs to be part of it. We are happy to provide you with a solar panel cleaning service for your company as part of your O&M package.

Wherever solar panels are to be found, we clean them. We clean ground mounted solar farms and parks, rooftop solar panels on a commercial and residential level, as well as other forms of solar arrays that are growing in popularity such as solar car ports and floating solar arrays.

Why choose JS Cleaning Company:

  • Automated & manual cleaning available 
  • Detailed knowledge of cleaning solar panels within the confines of manufacturers warranties
  • Comprehensive risk assessment and method statement provided
  • Over 8,000 solar panels cleaned to date
  • All staff trained and carrying certification for solar panel cleaning
  • Fully insured



December 20, 2018


Solar Panels